About Us

Roof Monkeys was started by 4 guys who just felt they could do better.

A person’s house is their largest investment. And when you own a house, keeping nature out of it is the key to making that investment last a lifetime. The roof is the first line of defense against moisture and rot. A roof is built to do this one thing. There is NO excuse for shoddy work and overpriced quotes.

We started Roof Monkeys Because we got Sick of Dealing with Poor Quality Roofers.

Each of the founders of Roof Monkeys are entrepreneurs in other established businesses. Businesses where high quality workmanship and incredible customer service are needed to survive. This was not our experience, any of us, as roof customers. Why not?  Because Residential folks don’t have deep, individual pockets?

You can’t treat Verizon poorly and expect to last long in the commercial construction. You can’t give other businesses lip service or run around and keep the business. You have to produce quality and mean what you say.

We want to bring that level of respect to residential roofing. We want your experience of roof repair, replacement or restructure to be positive.  Only positive.

We are the Roof Monkeys.

We recently worked with a local school on their roofing project. We created a document discussing our capabilities in the school world.

You can find that document here: Roof Monkeys School School Capabilities Document


The founders of Roof Monkeys are 4 very different people.

But we have three things in common:

  • Quality work matters a great deal to us.
  • We are fair, honest and trustworthy.
  • And we’re down to earth guys.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not fun. Here’s a little bit about each of us:



Koko’s family has moved on. Koko is an empty nester. He has since been in an existential crises over the meaning of life. So he has thrown himself into work. Namely, roof work.

Koko is the smartest of us all. So billing questions or scheduling questions are probably best sent to him.

He’s the guy that is in charge of the money and making sure things get done in a nice orderly fashion.

He’s our President and Operations Monkey



Bubbles has become incredibly sad since the passing of his dear friend Michael. He doesn’t like talking about it so don’t bring it up.

Since that time he has become very “manly” and has a serious get-stuff-done attitude.

Bubbles oversees all the work quality. No one likes to make Bubbles angry on our team. He doesn’t give out many praises because his standards are so high.

He’s the Quality Monkey


Donkey Kong

DK, as he likes to go by, is new to roofing. As you know, he’s been spending much of his life capturing damsels in distress and throwing barrels at hopeful rescuers.

But that’s all behind him now.

After that dark time in his life he went on to have a great career in marketing.

So marketing is DK’s bag these days.

He’s our Marketing Monkey.

curious george

Curious George

You can just call him George, if you like.

George, true to nature, is very outgoing, super friendly and has a good sense of humor.

He has worked closely with Bubbles over the years to produce high-end retail construction projects all through the country.

He knows a ton about quality construction, meeting deadlines and doing the job right.

He’s a good go-to guy for technical questions and overall help with your project.

He’s our Service & Sales Monkey


Magilla Gorilla

Magilla is a hard workin’ all around nice guy. He has been roofing for decades. He loves it and he’s good at it.

A lot of roofers are not the nicest people on the planet. But that’s not Magilla. He’s friendly, helpful and someone you like to be around.

Magilla can often be found on a Roof Monkeys job on the roof doing really good work.

He takes pride in his work and wants to make sure you are happy.

You are going to like Magilla. We promise.


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