Akron Home Roof Maintenance Program

Monkey See Monkey Do Home Akron Roof Preventative Maintenance Program

Once you purchase a new roof, you should consider a roof preventative maintenance plan.

Many homes in Akron are easily on their 3rd or 4th roof. Akron is a proud city with a lot of really great history. We all plan on it staying that way.

So, keep your roofs lasting a long time, Akron!

Check out the Monkey See Monkey Do Akron Home Roof Preventative Maintenance Program

Unfortunately, after a new roof installed, it is often the most forgotten and ignored of all building components. No one stares lovingly at their roof .

But with a little maintenance you can keep your roof looking great and lasting as long as it possibly can.

What many Akron home owners don’t realize is that small problems stemming from neglect, normal aging, abuse, falling limbs, mold or accidents may result in extensive, costly repairs or premature failure if not taken care of early on.

That’s why we created the Monkey See Monkey Do Akron Roof Preventative Maintenance Program.

We come out to your house on twice a year (Spring and Fall) to make sure everything is in tip top shape.

If we see something that is wrong we’ll get it taken care of right away!

Our Monkey See Monkey Do maintenance program involves the following services:

  • Clean all Roof Drains and Gutters (who wouldn’t want their gutters cleaned!)
  • Inspection of all Flashings at penetrations and curbs, including Walls, Pipes, and Skylights
  • Inspection of all Seams and Expansion Joints in the field of the roof
  • Resecure any loose Sheet Metal, Gutters, or Downspouts
  • Apply Caulk to Roof Areas as needed
  • Priority Service for Roof Emergencies

Our Roof Maintenance Program is $250 per year. 

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We love you Akron! We are from Akron and we plan on staying in Akron. We’re here to help keep your roofs lasting as long as they possibly can.
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