Akron Home Roof Repair

roofmonkeysittingRoof Monkeys are proud members of the Akron city community. We live in Akron. Our kids go to school in Akron. You are likely to see us grocery shopping at Acme #1 or checking out  a movie at the Highland Theater.

Simply put: we are all about Akron Ohio!

If I had a roofer come to my house (which is in Highland Square on the West side of Akron, incidentally) I’d want all my options presented to me.

If money is tight and now isn’t a good time to get my roof replaced I’d like to know what could be done to repair it for the time being.

Many Akron roofers are not interested in doing home roof repairs. It’s as simple as there just not being as much money in it.

Roof Monkeys will give you the best options for your Akron Home Roof Repair.

We can look at things like:

  • Roof Maintenance Options
  • Swapping Shingles
  • Dealing with Curled Corners or Cracked Shingles

Call us today to see how we can keep your current roof lasting as long as possible:


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Also, don’t forget our Barrel of Monkeys 40 Point Inspection Checklist

We will come to your home and do our complete, exclusive Barrel of Monkeys 40 Point Inspection Checklist totally for free!

We’ll go over your roof like a bunch of monkeys on a banana boat looking for the last banana.

We’ll make sure your roof is in tip top shape.


Just ask for it when you call or in the form. FREE!

We’ll help keep your roofs in tip top shape, Akron!
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